Course Schedule

Incident Command

I-200 Basic Incident Command System (ICS) 12 hrs

ICS-300 Intermediate ICS 20 hrs -

ICS-400 Advanced ICS 16  hrs -

Command Classes - (Click on course to view more information)

Company Officer 2A Human Resource Management 40 hrs -

Company Officer 2B General Administrative Functions 20 hrs -

Company Officer 2C Fire Inspections and Investigations 40 hrs - June 14-17, 2021

Company Officer 2D All Risk Command Operations 40 hrs -

Company Officer 2E Wildland Incident Operations 40 hrs -
Chief Fire Officer 3A Human Resource Management 26 hrs 

Chief Fire Officer 3B Budget and Fiscal Responsibilities 18 hrs

Chief Fire Officer 3C General Administrative Functions 24 hrs

Chief Fire Officer 3D Emergency Service Delivery Responsibilities 24 hrs -

Instructor Classes - (Click on course to view more information)

Instructor I Instructional Methodology 40 hrs -

Instructor II Instructional Development 40 hrs -
Instructor III Instructional Program Management - 

Employing Audio Visual Aids 39 hrs -

Group Dynamics and Problem Solving 32 hrs-

Techniques of Evaluation 32 hrs -

L-180    Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service     4  hrs

L-280    Followership to Leadership     16  hrs: -   

Conduct and Ethics     4 hrs

Wildland Classes

AH-330  Strike Team/Task Force Leader All Hazards 32 hrs:

AR-339  Division/Group Supervisor All Risk 24 hrs:

RT-130Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training  16  hrs

S-130  Firefighter Training/Fire Behavior 35.5 hrs

S-131 Advanced Firefighting 12  hrs:

S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior 8 hrs

S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander 16  hrs: 

S-211 Portable Pumps and Water Use 20 hrs:

S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws 36  hrs

S-212 Level A, B and C Faller 40 hrs

S-215 Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface 32 hrs:

CA-219 Firing Operations - June 12-16, 2023

S-219 Firing Operations 18-24 hrs (2014 version).

S-230 Crew Boss-Single Resource 24 hrs:

S-231 Engine Boss 16 hrs:

S-260  Incident Business Management 20 hrs

S-270  Basic Air Operations 16  hrs:

S-290  Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior 32  hrs: March 27-30, 2023

S-300 Extended Attack Incident Commander 16  hrs

S-330  Task Force/Strike Team Leader 24 hrs

S-336  Tactical Decision Making in Wildland Fires 32  hrs

S-339  Division/Group Supervisor 20 hrs -

S-390 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations;

Strike Team Leader Refresher 8 hrs

Wildland Urban Interface Operating Principles 4-8 hrs

Lessons Learned in the Wildland Urban Interface 4 hrs

Incident Safety Awareness for Hired Vendors - April 29 and May 13, 2023

Basic Land Navigation 24 hrs- TBA

Back Country Rescue for Techniques Wildland Firefighters -

ICS Courses

I-200 - ICS for Single Resources

I-300 - Intermediate ICS -

I-400 - Advanced ICS -

Other Courses

CSFT Confined Space Rescue Awareness 7 hrs 

Haz-Mat FRO -

Haz Mat IC - 16 hrs: