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Wildland Fire Defensible and Home Ignition Zone

Fire Embers

Airborne fire embers pose one of the greatest threats to homes and buildings in the vicinity of a wildfire, even if the fire is still miles away. A single burning ember can travel over a mile, igniting structures and causing new fires to erupt.  Recent research indicates that two out of every three homes destroyed during the 2007 Witch Creek fire in San Diego County were ignited either directly or indirectly by wind-dispersed, wildfire generated, burning or glowing embers and not from actual flames of the fire.  These embers are capable of igniting and burning your home in several ways.  In order to have a wildfire safe home two equally important factors must be implemented.


The wise selection of building materials and designs that will help the home resist the fire. Some of these components include:

  • Siding and sheathing
  • Doors and windows
  • Exterior vents
  • Decks and attachments
  • Fire protection products and suppression systems


The home must have adequate, properly designed, defensible space, based on the wise selection, placement and management of vegetation and other elements near the structure.  Simply clearing some of the vegetation may not be enough.


The defensible space design will depend on the particular wildland fire risk potential of each home or structure.  The wildland fire risk analysis will evaluate several factors such as fuel, topography, weather, fire history, access, infrastructure, hazards, building construction, codes, and ignitability of each individual structure and location.

There is a direct link between home survival, the vegetation management required in developing adequate defensible space around the home, and the building materials and design used to construct the home.


Call the experts at Sure Fire for assistance with:

  • Wildland fire risk analysis
  • Defensible space fuel modeling
  • Reducing home ignition risks
  • Building construction design or modification
  • Defensible space design, maintenance or implementation
  • Fire resistive gardens

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Home Ignition Zone Survey
Home Ignition Zone Survey
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